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Cast13 has been providing a wide array of high quality wheels in the market through the years. They are taking pride in their products and they are very proud of what they have attained throughout their existence in the industry. This company is equipped with a team of professionals who are all car enthusiasts and they have a combined 45 years of experience in retailing performance vehicle accessories, hence, they understand very well the aftermarket wheel trade.

The passion their business has is shown in the cars they drive and in the quality of wheels they manufacture and design. Cast13 has their in-house design team that is responsible for producing revolutionary and cutting edge wheel styles. They makes use of the latest in the computer aided production and testing software program for the creation of their outstanding products. This particular technology assures that a unique design would be produced before their team gets started in working.

This company has been specialising in high quality, individual and unique wheels. They provide many of their designs in the staggered fitments coming with the planned sizes that range from 15 inches to 20 inches. They design and manufacture their own wheels and sell it by themselves and with the help of the most trusted wheel dealers in worldwide and in Australia.

This company is making their wheels fit enough and be able to perform under the highest standards. They don’t just provide wheel sizes that suit as well as complement the car they’ve been intended to fit. Their wheel offsets were cautiously calculated for functional fitment as well as aggressive looks, which is a great balance of function and form.

Cast13 has been dedicated to manufacturing and designing innovative wheel styles which are made based on the highest quality standards. They understand the superior levels of attention to details expected by their customers and they also attempt to deliver the product which will exceed all their expectations. Their passion to succeed has been fuelled for their intention to produce wheels that are leading in quality and design to their competitors.

They also believe in the consistent process of research as well as development. Their team of engineers is continuously working on developing new designs and sizes. All of their products provide tyre stress sensor function and clearance for many high performing brake hits. These wheels are suitable for car enthusiasts who demand the greatest one in terms of quality and performance. For them to back up their claims for quality and superior functionality of their products, their products come with a five year workmanship as well as a lifetime structural warranty.

If you want to have your old wheels replaced with Cast13 Wheels, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at WheelDealer. We offer fitments to cater for most European vehicles such as AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN and BMW

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See full range of Cast13 wheels in our store!