Shop RB3 Rims by CAST13 | WheelDealer Australia

Shop RB3 Rims by CAST13 | WheelDealer Australia

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The RB3 is the third model of the Cast13 wheels. This wheel features a 14 spoke webbed design and a concave face. One remarkable feature of the wheel is its versatility. It works well with a wide range of cars.

To be able to compliment the lines of the wheel it comes with no lip. I order to cater for larger vehicles and mid size SUVs, it has been load rated to 850kg. It comes in number of colour finishes to boost its style and beauty. RB3 unique spoke design improves its brake caliper clearance. Cast13 believes in the fit, quality and finish of its wheels because these are the qualities that distinguish our wheels.

RB3 conforms to the modern day wheel styles and trends and it also possesses some uniqueness. RB3 does not only look great on any kind of car, painted in any color, it also offers great form balance coupled with function.

RB3 has been manufactured based on the highest standards. The design was subjected to thorough quality control before being approved by both VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan) and JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard). Needless to say the Cast13 RB3 is tyre pressure monitoring systems compatible.

Like all other Cast13 wheels, RB3 is sold with all the accessories required to mount it. These include a brand new set of lug bolts, four high quality wheel valves and a set of CBL rings where applicable.

To prove to end users that they have confidence in their wheels, Cast13 offers a lifetime structural warranty on all their wheels including RB3. How many wheel manufacturers offer that? There is no point talking about its durability again. The lifetime warranty already says it all.

Experience is said to be the best teacher. No amount of words can describe the quality in Cast13 RB3. It is better to give it a trial. For more information on Cast13 RB3 and to place your order, visit, contact us via email at or contact via Facebook.