Original used for describing the front-line of the advancing army, the word “Avant ’Garde” has been applied to a group representing the revolutionary and those people ahead of the mainstream. With that core philosophy, AG WHEELS pushes the limits further than what was accepted and known as a status quo within the wheel industry as the manufacturer of high quality wheels with performance driven production in mind.

Recognising that even the greatest looking wheels could be wrecked with incorrect sizing, this company makes their wheels with appropriate fitments right from the very start. AG WHEELS remains passionate not just regarding the quality of their wheels but also on how they will look on the car. With more than 4 decades of experience within the car wheel industry, AG WHEELS uses the newest in computer aided production and testing in terms of the manufacturing process of their products that include their range of AUDI WHEELS, VOLKSWAGEN WHEELS and VW GOLF WHEELS.

Through the use of Finite Element Analysis, they are capable of performing detailed testing strategies that ensure the durability and the strength of their wheels.  Finite Element Analysis permit detailed visualisations of the area the wheels can twist or bend and these indicate the distribution of displacements and stresses. It also lets the whole designs to be made, refined and optimised before the manufacturing process can get started.

To be sure that they will never compromise on the quality, every design complies with strict testing of the VIA and JWL standard. To detect even the smallest flaws, their products are placed under pressure inside of the specifically designed water container and will be scrutinised for any hidden problem through x-ray. In general, the process ensures that AG provides the best quality product for all of their customers.

As an outcome of their unique and extraordinary manufacturing capabilities, AG WHEELS is capable of producing car specific fitments that are intended to fit every application as antagonistically as possible without having to comprise the style. Each of their products is produced with some specific vehicles in mind so as to cater to the different niche markets across the industry.

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We offer outstanding service, new wheel designs and sizing being added regularly. We are the company which takes pride in the products that we offer and we are very proud to showcase what we have attained. Please get in touch with us today for more information.

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